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[Healthy tea] Green tea, coffee, black tea [Dry products] Dried vegetables, vegetable powder, seafood, dried fish, fruit dried plums, ice sherbet, granola, honey, Ochazuke [Health foods and supplements]

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kids items

[FLASKY] Nursing cape poncho [Shinzi Kato] Initial handkerchief

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gift items

Sannen [Luxury Ochazuke]
Shinzi Katoh [initial handkerchief]
Honey Mother [Honey] Manuka Honey

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ballerina goods

[Designed by Shinji Kato]
Designed by Shinji Kato, a global miscellaneous goods designer. Among them, the most popular ballerina has become a handkerchief with cute initials.
[High quality Senshu towel]
All the starch needed to weave towels is washed away before the product is made, so it has excellent absorbency from the beginning. It is characterized by being fluffy and soft to the touch.
[Country of manufacture] Japan

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